Hampshire County Council in partnership with Portsmouth and Southampton City Councils is developing a Material Resources Strategy (MRS) to deal with arisings of a range of waste streams over the period to 2020. The MRS aims to develop strategies for maximising reuse, recycling and recovery of materials and minimise the amount going to landfill. The philosophy is to regard the arisings of these materials as a resource rather than a waste, and also to minimise the arisings wherever possible. One of the waste streams that have been identified is construction waste and soil. This is basically material that is derived from construction, demolition and excavation waste (CD&EW). Estimates were required of the current (2004) use of CD&EW as recycled aggregates in Hampshire, Southampton and Portsmouth and potential use in 2010 and 2020 under two scenarios, ‘stretching best practice’ and ‘business as usual’.
Estimates were prepared by TRL Limited based on data already produced for another project (see PPR057). The study also addressed collection and infrastructure requirements, market development, education, financial issues, risks and wider issues. The estimates were reviewed by an independent offline working group and were used in the development of the MRS. This in turn informed the development of the Minerals and Waste Development Framework for Hampshire, Portsmouth and Southampton.

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