This report describes work done in a project to develop a Routing Assessment Guide for Dynamic Route Guidance systems for vehicles. The resulting guide is included in the appendices. An initial state-of-the-art review emphasised the range of devices available to drivers and analysed the industry to identify the range of stakeholders who should be consulted to ensure that the guide was acceptable and helpful to the industry; a fundamental requirement of the project. The vehicle and route guidance industry was consulted on an initial draft, which was designed to present guidelines for system development and to be used by the developer to self-assess the resulting product. The industry approved of the principle of self-assessment, but asked for additional performance criteria and less emphasis on assessment of process rather than performance. The guide was modified and developed in light of those comments. The revised document was piloted with representatives of two companies before the final guidelines document was produced. It was concluded from the pilot that the guide is compatible with the development and testing programmes of responsible DRG product developers and is sufficiently comprehensive to represent best practice in the DRG industry, supporting the development of safe and effective routing strategies.

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