The Transport Research Foundation commissioned TRL Limited to carry out research into advanced acoustical techniques aimed at characterising and predicting tyre noise generation and propagation. This research was carried out in 2000/01.
This report describes the methods available (as of 2000/01) for the localisation and quantification of noise on rolling vehicle tyres and examines their suitability for use on a vehicle moving at high speed on a typical road rather than on a laboratory dynamometer. The application of one of the methods, Airborne Source Quantification (ASQ), to the quantification of noise sources on the tyre of a moving vehicle has been used to characterise tyre noise from two types of truck tyre rolling on a typical motorway road surface. A description of the method used and the results are presented.
The report also describes how 3-D boundary element numerical modelling (BEM) techniques can be applied to the problem of tyre noise propagation. Using the source data generated from the ASQ measurements, the technique has been innovatively applied to the prediction of near-field sound pressure levels resulting from a truck tyre rolling at different speeds on a typical road surface. The results from these calculations are presented together with the results of full-scale measurements taken to validate the predictions. The application of the BEM predictions to propagation in the far-field, i.e. beyond the wheel arch region, is also discussed.

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