This report provides a summary of a supplementary study undertaken as part of the workstream 5 of the EU 5th framework project, OSCAR. The overall objective of this workstream was to investigate and to provide the most appropriate exhaust emission factors for slow moving, congested urban traffic. In part this was achieved through the derivation of driving characteristics from 4 typical European cities, and the use of these driving characteristics in the development of drive cycles for use within an emission measurement programme on 20 light-duty vehicles.
The main objectives of this sub-task were to review available on-board exhaust emission measurement systems, to provide information on the spatial and temporal distribution of emissions from a typical modern car being driven around the centre of a large city, to compare in-service emission data with those data derived from the laboratory tests, and finally to provide information on pollutant hot spots. Emissions along Marylebone Road in Central London, which is considered to be one of the most polluted urban roads in the UK, appear to be lower than along some of the other roads in the area. A number of junctions in the Marylebone Road area were identified as potential emission hot spots.

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