TRL was part of a consortium working on an EC 5th Framework research project called VERTEC (VEhicle, Road, Tyre, and Electronic Control Systems Interaction).
The aim of the project was to increase vehicle primary safety by developing a fully integrated model for the simulation of the road-tyre-vehicle-driver system in the most potentially dangerous situations. This model was also to be the base for the development of an upgraded driving simulator. Special focus was drawn to the most advanced Vehicle Electronic Control Systems and the representation of both passenger cars and Heavy Good Vehicles (HGVs).
The main outputs of the project were the integrated simulation environment and an improved driving simulator for cars and trucks. The purpose of the outputs was to allow the partners of the consortium to detect and rank the most dangerous driving situations in order to define and supply guidelines for the design of safer roads, vehicles, tyres and electronic devices.
This report has been prepared for the UK Department for Transport (DfT) to summarise the findings of the VERTEC project from its start (1st December 2002) until its completion date (30th November 2005).

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