The Mayor’s Ambient Noise Strategy (Greater London Authority, 2004) seeks a higher profile for reducing noise in the management of transport systems, whilst promoting the concept of electricity generation by photovoltaic (PV) arrays. Specifically, Policy 9 of the Strategy states that Transport for London (TfL) ‘…will, and London boroughs and others should, investigate the potential benefits of noise barriers, other noise screening and acoustic modifications to highway structures, where source-related measures would not be effective.’, while the Executive Summary of the Strategy states (Paragraph 14) that ‘…opportunities, such as for combining barriers with generation of solar electricity using photovoltaics, will be investigated’.
As part of work towards achieving these objectives, Greater London Authority (GLA) has commissioned TRL Limited to undertake a study identifying potential sites for the demonstration of photovoltaic (PV) noise barriers on the London transport network. The study was originally focussed solely on the rail network, but in view of the limited opportunities in the context of current constraints and cost-effectiveness, the scope was extended to include the road network.
This report provides details of an inspection survey undertaken to identify potential demonstration sites for PV noise barriers on London roads, based on locations with existing noise barriers provisionally identified by the London Energy Partnership (LEP).

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