The Mayor’s Ambient Noise Strategy seeks a higher profile for reducing noise in the management of transport systems, including railways. Policy 21 of the Strategy states that Transport for London will be expected to ‘Investigate the potential for noise barrier-integrated photovoltaic power generation along suitable railway lines.’
As part of work towards achieving these objectives, Greater London Authority has commissioned TRL Limited to undertake a study identifying potential small-scale and medium-scale sites for the demonstration of photovoltaic noise barriers on the surface sections of the London Underground system, mainline rail and Docklands Light Railway.
This report provides an overview of the concepts behind PV systems and describes the criteria that need to be taken into account both from an acoustic-related and energy-related perspective when reviewing the use of noise barriers and PV noise barriers alongside railways. These criteria have been balanced against the specific requirements of the different networks for the placement of noise mitigation measures, taking into account that noise barriers might be required in the future in response to the noise maps and action plans produced in accordance with the EU Directive on Environmental Noise. A series of factsheets have been prepared giving advice on how possible PV noise barrier concepts might be applied.
The opportunities for potential demonstration sites on the network are also discussed as part of this report.

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