Accidents involving Powered Two Wheeler vehicles (PTWs) are an increasing problem on trunk roads, and have a significant associated cost. Currently, they are involved in 9% of accidents on trunk roads and are the only casualty class to have shown an increase in the numbers of killed or seriously injured casualties over the last decade. Also, unlike most other mode type casualties, the accident rates (per vehicle-km travelled) have not declined over the same period. One in three accident-involved PTW rider casualties are killed or seriously injured, and this is an area of great concern. This report looks at the accident situation for Powered Two Wheelers (PTWs) using the data to 2003. It also considers some specific routes to investigate accident clusters. Recommendations are made for training and publicity. Powered two wheelers (PTWs) form 0.6% of the trunk road traffic but accidents involving PTWs made up 8.9% of all trunk road accidents between 2001 and 2003. In accidents involving a PTW and another vehicle the PTW rider and passenger (where present) are the most likely to be injured.

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