This report provides the results of a comparison survey of SCOOT and MOVA traffic signal control at the signalised roundabout of Junction 6 of the M42.
M42 Junction 6 is a major intersection with the A45 and the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) entrance. It was refurbished in 2006 and the traffic signal control changed from SCOOT to MOVA, with the SCOOT control still operational. The junction, therefore, provided a test site to compare SCOOT and MOVA control of a large roundabout.
The roundabout was assessed over a 6 week survey period using MOVA detector data. The conclusion from the analysis of the data was that MOVA reduced vehicular delay. Statistically significant reductions of 6% in the weekday inter peak and 10% on Sundays were achieved. It should be noted, that some recommendations were identified that may have improved the SCOOT control; and these results apply only to this junction, further trials/ simulation at different sites are needed before more general conclusions can be drawn.

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