The APROSYS integrated project on Advanced Protection Systems is an EC 6th Framework project focusing on scientific and technological development in the field of vehicle passive safety. APROSYS sub-project 1 (SP1) is titled ‘Car Accidents’, and within this is work package 1.2 (WP1.2) titled ‘Advanced Frontal Impact’. The aim of WP1.2 is to develop and evaluate a full width high deceleration frontal impact crash test suitable for regulatory application in Europe and to perform associated cost benefit analysis.
A benefit analysis performed for WP1.2 as part of APROSYS SP8.3, using the GIDAS (German In-Depth Accident Study) database, predicted a ‘marginal’ benefit for the introduction of a full width frontal impact test, estimating a reduction in MAIS 2+ injuries of approximately 1.9 percent.
In this report a critical review of the benefit analysis was performed. It found that some key factors did not appear to have been investigated, and that the results were unreliable. A different methodology was used to calculate the benefit for Great Britain (GB), using the CCIS (Co-operative Crash Injury Study) database and STATS19 national accident statistics. This calculated a significant benefit for the introduction of the full width test which was greater than the previous benefit analysis.

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