Driver distraction is an increasing phenomenon which is not completely understood. This study was commissioned with the strategic aim of improving safety through policy interventions, to understand the state of knowledge on driver distraction, to prepare a definition of driver distraction and secure at least UK agreement on its adoption, and to lay some groundwork for future distraction research efforts.
A core and wider reference group of scientists who are research-active in the area of driver distraction were identified to review the work and participate in workshops. A distraction definition discussion document was then produced, along with a distraction review document. The review document aimed to provide some background information and references on distraction and related concepts, as well as to broadly categorise observation-based, experimental and opinion-based research.
The two documents were circulated among the reference groups and discussed during two workshops. During the first workshop, a definition of driver distraction was agreed upon by attendees. During the second workshop, a list of fourteen research gaps identified through the distraction review process were discussed to in terms of potential impact, suggested methodology, dependencies and/or collaboration needs, resources and timescale required. Some recommendations were then made in terms of collaborative research opportunities.

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