This report presents the findings of a pre-post study without control group aimed at assessing the effectiveness of a guidance CD-ROM on Work-Related Road Safety (WRRS) with a sample of 37 of public and private sector organisations. Quantitative measures demonstrated improvements in policies and procedures, greater awareness of WRRS in managers and driver of the participating organisations and improvements in their driving-related attitudes and behaviours over the course of 12 months. In-depth interviews with organisation representatives found the CD-ROM to be a highly rated, comprehensive tool that facilitated improvements of WRRS management procedures to some degree. Most participants used the resource to check the comprehensiveness of their systems rather than to develop new procedures and suggested that organisations without a system in place may particularly benefit from the CD-ROM. Barriers to the implementation of good practice most frequently included lack of support from senior management as well as lack of resources and dedicated staff. Recommendations for further improvements of work-related road safety included the targeting of large public sector organisations with their large grey fleets and the recruiting of senior management to act as champions on work-related road safety.

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