Lane departure warning (LDW) systems monitor the position of the vehicle with respect to the lane boundary. When the vehicle is in danger of leaving the lane unintentionally, the system delivers a warning to the driver. Lane Change Assistant (LCA) systems monitor the adjacent lanes to assist the driver when changing lane. If the driver of the vehicle fitted with the LCA system initiates a lane change manoeuvre and teh systems detects a vehicle in the other lane, the system will alert the driver to the presence of the other vehicle.

The objective of this research was to gatehr and evaluate information regarding the performance standards of LDW and LCA systems and the likely costs and benefits of these systems with respect to:
- Light vehicles (e.g. categories M1 and N1)
- Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV) (e.g. categories N2 and N3)
- Large Passenger Vehicles (LPV) (e.g. categories M2 and M3).

The study considers the potential casualty savings to occupants of both the vhicle to which the equipment is fitted as well as the occupants of other vehicles. The potential benefits for vulnerable road users (pedestrians, cyclists and motocyclists) were also considered. Initial specifications for LDW and LCA systems have been developed based on relevant standards and the safety requirements required to influence the target population of accidents.

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