The Department for Transport has appointed TRL as independent Auditor, to provide the quality assurance services defined in the SCANNER specification. TRL has carried out accreditation testing, quality audits, and provided independent advice and consultancy services to survey contractors, local highway authorities and the Department for Transport in relation to accredited SCANNER surveys carried out on the English local road network.
In addition to the SCANNER survey of the English local road network, further surveys are carried out on the Scottish local road network under a single survey contract and the Welsh Principal Road Network under a further contract. The work carried out in Scotland and Wales is fundamentally similar to SCANNER and has a similar requirement for Quality Assurance testing. TRL was requested to apply the SCANNER Quality Assurance procedures to the Scottish surveys and Welsh surveys in 2007/08.
This report summarises the results of the accreditation testing and quality audits carried out by TRL in England, Scotland and Wales in 2007/08, and also summarises the advice and consultancy provided during the year.

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