The EU Environmental Noise Directive (2002/49/EC; END) requires Member States to produce Noise Action Plans which, amongst other things, aim to reduce environmental noise where necessary. The Scottish Government has produced Noise Action Plans which have been published on the Scottish Government Website. Road and rail noise reduction methods need to be evaluated and, in the case of the former, one potential option is the use of low-noise surfaces.
The Scottish Government commissioned the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) to undertake a review of the different low-noise road surfaces currently available and comment on their relevance and suitability for use in Scotland, incorporating the views of key staff holders. This review was to take into account not only acoustic performance but also safety, skid resistance, structural durability, environmental sustainability and whole life costing.
This report presents the findings from the review, discussing the potential implications of using low-noise road surfaces as a mitigation tool within Scottish Noise Action Plans. Advice on how to make a preliminary selection of appropriate low-noise surfaces is also set out, based on indicative acoustic and non-acoustic characteristics.

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