Since 2006 TRL’s Incident Investigation and Reconstruction Group has worked with the Metropolitan Police to gain access to high resolution real-world collision data which has been generated during collisions suffered by Metropolitan Police vehicles fitted with the Kienzle Unfall-Daten-Speicher (UDS), a form of in-vehicle data recorder (IVDR) specifically designed to capture data in the event of a vehicle incident. It was considered that this data offers opportunities for new and innovative research in the field of road safety. To date, in excess of 200 incidents have been complied into a database and appended with details relating to the collision, including background information, photographs and the collision data.
There were two main themes to this project, these being to: assess the feasibility of using IDR data to enhance or develop new avenues of research across TRL, including vehicle safety, occupant injury, and driver behaviour; and to compare theoretical accident reconstruction methods with the incident data captured by the IDR device in order to identify the potential for enhancing theoretical collision reconstruction techniques.
A sample of incidents was provided to a number of research areas across TRL and their views on the potential benefits, technical issues and research opportunities were sought. In addition, five separate incidents were selected and reconstructed in detail to determine the effectiveness of various theoretical accident reconstruction techniques.
Four research groups at TRL provided positive feedback on the data, with several potential areas of future work being indentified; however, some of these would first require a better understanding of the accuracy of the data and access to more information about the incident, the vehicles and the injuries to occupants.
It was found that the theoretical techniques provided a range of possible speeds for a vehicle, with the speeds recorded by the IDR device being encompassed by these ranges in each of the reconstructions.

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