This report documents the second phase of a project into cross-modal risk assessment and public perceptions of transport risk. The project was commissioned by the Transport Safety Group (TSG) at the Department for Transport (DfT), and was carried out by TRL and TTAC Ltd. Phase 1 of the project generated a “snapshot” of current practice in the different transport modes (road, air, maritime, rail) with regard to how risk information is used in decision making surrounding managing transport risk, and also how public perception of risk influences the prioritisation of safety spending and mode-choice decisions.
This report involved presenting the findings of Phase 1 of the project (PPR521) to the major stakeholders in the various transport organisations and discussing their potential adoption. The cross-modal recommendations included: producing transport risk policies; improving the information available for the production of risk assessments and suggesting that the DfT could provide guidance relating to best practices and the production of policies and assessments. In addition details are provided of specific recommendations made to the roads, rail, maritime and aviation sectors. The report concludes by recommending that DfT addresses the issue of risk perception and influence in modal choice. It is suggested that research is carried out to establish aspects of risk and non-risk information that need to be communicated in an attempt to influence peoples’ decision process in the selection of a mode of transport for a journey.

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