Regulation 7 of the Road Vehicles Construction and Use Regulations (C&U) 1986, as amended, limits some (not applicable to semi-trailers) trailer lengths in GB to 7m (body length) when being towed by a vehicle with gross weight no more than 3,500kg (about 8-8.5m overall length including the towing attachment). European Directive 97/27/EC covers trailers up to 12 metres in overall length. The GB regulations apply to both domestic and visiting traffic.
The main objective of the study was to provide the Department for Transport with evidence and information relating to the current regulations and the implications of any future changes to the current provisions (e.g. for safety and/or competitiveness). The various potential risks (e.g. road safety impacts, effects on GB manufacturers) and benefits (e.g. free movement of goods, additional sales) of changes to the regulations have also been studied.

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