The London Borough of Brent commissioned Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) to undertake an assessment of the existing traffic conditions along a selected route in Brent. The aim of the assessment is to establish baseline traffic conditions to help develop and implement action plan measures in areas with poor air quality.

To establish baseline traffic conditions, this study has used an approach termed ‘Longitudinal Audit of Route Characteristics’ (LARCs). For this, an instrumented vehicle and roadside surveys were used to gather information on fixed characteristics (e.g. road type, number of lanes, pedestrian crossings etc) and variable characteristics (e.g. traffic flow, traffic composition, average speed etc) along the selected route. The environmental impact (i.e. pollutant emissions and levels of noise) caused by traffic on this route was assessed.

Areas with high emissions were identified and the reasons for this were examined. Specific recommendations targeting areas of the study route where there is the greatest potential for reducing congestion are provided. The findings in the report can be used to inform the development of action plan measures. The findings provide evidence to allow measures to target specific causes of traffic congestion on the study route. Further work including an investigation into the drivers for travel demand, collection of information on bus flows and speeds, an investigation into the current success rate of enforcement strategies, a study to examine the emissions benefits of modal switching, engagement with local residents and business owners on traffic-related issues and roadside traffic surveys are all recommended.

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