A Checklist for the assessment of In-Vehicle Information Systems (IVIS) was published in 1999 which provided a structured approach for assessing the interface design of an IVIS. Since the publication, there have been several advances in technology and a number of developments in ergonomics standards and road safety. An update of the Checklist was therefore necessary. The processes that were undertaken to adapt the Checklist, such as aligning it with the European Statement of Principles (ESoP), and subsequently evaluating it are described in this report. The process for developing an electronic version of the Checklist which can be filled in directly on devices such as PDAs and tablet PCs when assessing IVIS is also described. The ‘paper’ version of the updated Checklist is available for free on the TRL website and the electronic version can be requested from enquiries@trl.co.uk. The appropriateness of providing consumers with information gleaned from the checklist assessments to lead them to making informed choices on safety when purchasing IVIS was investigated as part of the project. During this task, five existing rating schemes were reviewed, the requirements of consumer product rating schemes for IVIS and the role of the Checklist were considered. An example process was recorded to show how a consumer rating could be implemented in the future.

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