This report provides an overview of research that was conducted to explore the potential for social networking sites to encourage changes in travel behaviours, and to provide recommendations for how any identified potential could be optimised through their design. A scoping review identified that there is not a robust empirical research base from which to draw conclusions about the possible impact of social networking sites on behaviour. The study sought to develop the evidence base by conducting original research, which included: three focus groups, two interviews with developers of social networking sites that could potentially trigger a change in travel behaviours, and an online survey with a sample size of 141 social networking users. This report presents the findings of these research activities, and concludes that they are a good way to communicate messages to a broad demographic. They seem likely to increase awareness of the impact of travel behaviours and of more sustainable alternatives. This may not lead to a direct change in travel behaviours, but it potentially impacts on attitudes and values that could change travel behaviours in the longer term. There are a number of design considerations that, if built into the development (and continued maintenance) of a social networking site, could increase this impact.

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