The aim of this project was to produce an emissions database (EDB) for the London Borough of Hillingdon to assess changes in emissions and fuel consumption of measures in their Transport Local Implementation Plan (LIP) and Air Quality Action Plan. The EDB includes link-based road transport emissions and a rail module that can be used to determine the contribution of emission sources in the borough and to assess the emissions impact of selected measures from the LIP.
It was found that of the road and rail sources within the EDB that are within the borough, road traffic contributes to over 77 percent NOx emissions and 69 percent of PM emissions. Of these road traffic sources, vehicles travelling on the motorways contributed to over 60 percent of each pollutant. For CO2, road transport contributed to 95 percent of the total emissions. Emissions from the diesel railway network contributed 23 percent of overall NOx emissions, 31 percent to PM emissions and 5 percent of CO2 emissions in the borough.
The EDB was also used to assess the impact of four measures from the LIP on emissions over a given area. These measures assessed were modal shift from cars to trains and buses, introducing a dedicated Uxbridge to Heathrow bus service, improvements to a bus and train transport interchange at Uxbridge and the introduction of Crossrail in 2017.

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