Two progress reports were produced by TRL relating to the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC) funded project FUTURENET- Future resilient transport networks. TRL was a partner in FUTURENET together with the University of Birmingham, who led the project, the Universities of Loughborough and Nottingham, HR Wallingford and the British Geological Survey. The project, which ran from June 2009 to March 2013, developed methods of quantitatively assessing the resilience of transport networks to climate change impacts. The first report describes the identification of a suitable transport corridor to be utilised in the development of the models and methodologies, this second report is on the collection of information on the corridor.
The transport corridor from London to Glasgow along the west coast including road, rail and air travel was selected as a suitable corridor on which to base the development of the assessment methodology. The aim was not to assess the resilience of this corridor, but develop a methodology that would enable any part of the transport network to be assessed. Data and information on the use and infrastructure within this corridor was collected to use in the development and validation of the models. This report describes the data and information acquired and its source, and discusses some of the issues encountered when using data collected for the purpose of managing and maintaining the network for assessing climate change resilience.

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