As part of the process to understand how cyclists may respond to the introduction of low level cycle logo signals, Transport for London (TfL) asked TRL to assess the impact on cyclists and other road users of a change to red signals to include the use of a cycle logo on standard, high level, traffic signals.

Signal heads specifically for cyclists are widely used and in many countries outside of Great Britain, all three aspects would have cycle logos fitted.

Using a standard high level signal head at a trial junction on TRL's small roads system, TRL undertook a trial to test cyclists' response to a standard signal head with a full red aspect and one fitted with a red cycle logo.

This was to understand and note any differences in the cyclist behaviour and perception when faced with a prototype traffic signal with a red, amber and green illuminated bicycle logo, in comparison to the currently permitted signal where the use of a cycle logo appears on the amber and green only.

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