RSL was commissioned by the Transport Research Laboratory to carry out a public attitude survey among residents and visitors in the New Forest to establish reactions to a range of traffic calming measures in the northern part of the Forest. These included signs and other measures, in particular a 40mph speed limit. More specifically the following subject areas were addressed: (1) perceptions of problems of driving in the New Forest and the need for traffic calming measures; (2) understanding of the measures used, including the fact that the speed limit is mandatory; (3) opinions on the measures used, including effectiveness and environmental and safety issues; (4) how driving behaviour has been affected; (5) reactions to the introduction of the scheme, including methods of publicity and consultation, and (6) whether the scheme should be extended throughout the Forest. A total of 422 respondents were interviewed. This comprises 121 residents living inside the Forest, 150 residents living outside the Forest and 151 visitors. All three groups were interviewed over the period 20th July - 7th August, 1992.

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