The safety performance of roadworks is monitored periodically by the Department of Transport (DOT). The Transport Research Laboratory (TRL), acting on behalf of the DOT, has carried out investigations into the accident risks at roadworks on all purpose roads (see IRRD 822045) and on motorways (see IRRD 823357). This report contains a more detailed analysis of dual carriageway roads. The main objectives of the study were to: (1) estimate the accident rates at roadworks in comparison with rates at the same location without works, and to compare the rates with the national rates for non built up "A" roads; (2) estimate accident rates at roadworks in a form suitable for use in economic evaluation models such as QUADRO; and (3) to examine the location of accidents in relation to features of the traffic management scheme to provide indicators of possible safety improvements. The survey covered 27 sites, the majority of these sites were on dual two lane roads with no hard shoulder, with grade separated junctions, and operating full contra-flow working.

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