Prepaid vouchers were introduced in Clapham Junction in January 1992 to control parking in the area. At the time this was the largest area in the United Kingdom to introduce pre-paid parking vouchers. The legal provisions, under which the innovative parking control device is operated, require that London Borough of Wandsworth, the Local Authority, received Special Approval from the Secretary of State for Transport before the vouchers could be introduced in the area. A study of the new scheme was undertaken by TRL to determine the effect the vouchers had on motorists' parking behaviour and activity. Questionnaire and parking activity surveys were undertaken both before and after the vouchers were introduced. Results obtained from the study indicated that parking vouchers are an effective means of controlling parking on-street but that some motorists experienced difficulties in using them. These difficulties were similar to those found in other towns where vouchers have been introduced. The study also highlighted a number of issues that need to be considered when developing parking voucher schemes in other areas. (A)

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