Results of three full scale near side impacts at 112 km/h and 20 degree impact angle on combined Open Box Beam safety fence and timber noise barriers are reported. Two 1.5 tonne cars and a one tonne car were used as the impact vehicle and in all the tests the vehicles were contained and redirected, with negligible roll, in a stable manner except that the one tonne car yawed through 180 degrees after impact. In the 1.5 tonne car impacts, the cars made contact with the energy absorbing hexagonal brackets. The degree of contact was not sufficiently severe to recommend a change in the height (610 mm) of the safety fence beams. Changes were made to simplify the fixings between the safety fence and the timber noise barrier. The tests showed that the current method of construction using long bolts passing to the rear of the timber panels could be replaced by small metal clamps fastening onto the front flange of the noise barrier posts. This aids construction, alignment and repair, with a potential to reduce costs without loss of performance. (A)

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