In 1986, a leaflet was developed by the Department of Transport to be distributed to all first time provisional licence applicants informing them of the new Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) legislation which required instructors to display a certificate appropriate to their status, either 'Trainee' or 'Approved'. An interview survey was conducted amongst a sample of new licence holders to evaluate the communication effectiveness of the leaflet. Results showed that the leaflet was read by just over 50 per cent of the sample though only a third of these claimed that it had made them think about the type of instruction they wanted. The leaflet did not affect respondents reasons for choosing a certain type of instruction which in any case seems to be made on a responsible basis as most respondents stated that they wanted professional and recommended instruction. Although respondents' general level of knowledge about the certificates was low, it was significantly greater amongst those who had read the leaflet. Respondents qualitative remarks about the leaflet suggested that a pre-tested, revised version would improve effectiveness. (A)

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