The Transport Act 1985 effectively formalised concessionary fare schemes provided by local authorities on local public transport services. It gave them the opportunity to change, improve, adapt and introduce schemes. A survey was carried out by the Department of Transport and the Welsh Office into the provision of concessionary fares schemes by local authorities immediately before and after the deregulation of local bus services in October 1986. The survey provides a descriptive summary of the concessions that were available to various eligible groups and the restrictions placed on the use of those concessions. A different survey conducted by the Scottish Office is included separately. The report concludes that the provision of concessions by local authorities for most groups of concessionaires remained unchanged in the period immediately before and after deregulation and that the most notable change has been the introduction in a few areas of new categories of eligible concessionaires including deaf, dumb and partially sighted people, those without the use of both arms and specified companions of eligible people and those people who have been refused a driving licence on medical grounds. (A)

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