This report summarises and assesses the initial effects of the Transport Act 1986 on the Strathclyde Region of Scotland. The report is based on information gathered in the course of regular monitoring meetings between Strathclyde PTE and TRRL. Much of the statistical material has been compiled from analysis of the national Bus Registration Index at TRRL. The effects are analysed from the point of view of each of the major parties involved, namely the policy-makers (the government and the PTA), the PTE, the bus operators and the passengers. The total level of service provided increased, although this was not reflected in an increase in patronage. Competition between bus operators meant that some areas received considerable increases in service but poorly used services were discontinued in some areas. The pattern of service changes was complex and passenger reactions were mixed; the number of people reporting that their bus services were better than before deregulation was almost as high as the number who thought their services were worse. (A)

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