For many years, no contemporary information was available in Britain from which estimates of the level of drink/driving could be made. Following a successful exploratory study in the Summer of 1988, a revised experimental method has been developed in further pilot surveys carried out in the summer and early autumn of 1989; results of this study are given in this report. Respondents (randomly chosen) were asked to give a sample of breath in order to establish their breath alcohol concentration, and to reply to a questionnaire. In general, for those who had not been drinking significantly, only a brief interview was employed, but this was extended where higher breath test levels were observed. Additional information was obtained using (reply-paid) self completion questionnaires. The surveys were carried out without adverse incident, and were well received by the driving public; 3373 drivers wre breath tested, refusal rates being less than 1.5 per cent. Approximately 3.5 per cent of drivers were found to be over half the legal limit, and 1.5 per cent over the legal limit. The social background of drinking drivers is summarised in the report. (A)

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