A Controlled Parking Zone was implemented in Barnet in January 1990. The aim was to give more opportunity for residents' and shoppers' parking by reducing the extent of long-stay non-resident parking. Following the introduction of the controlled zone the number of parking acts recorded on-street fell by around a fifth, and mean durations also fell. At off-street car parks the number of vehicles recorded remained almost constant, but mean durations dropped. The introduction of parking meters to the High Street has created more legal parking opportunities and reduced parking on yellow lines. Mean journey times through the High Street have decreased southbound, and northbound an increase in flow has occurred. The level of illegality has increased only marginally between the "before" and "after" situation, despite the introduction of different types of parking regulation. Decrementing pre-payment cards have proved operationally successful, although their use has only accounted for 4.5% of revenue at pay-and-display machines. The controlled zone is operating successfully: more parking space has been provided for residents and shoppers, at the expense of non-resident commuters. (A)

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