This report describes how information on the movements of goods and goods vehicles in Swindon was collected and a computer model developed to predict some of the likely effects of controls on such vehicles. The controls considered, 'no entry', 'no entry-except-for-access' and 'no loading or unloading', can be applied to vehicles of different weights at different times and in different parts of the town. The two principal surveys were a vehicle survey to compile an inventory of present goods vehicle movements in the town and a survey of the attitudes of vehicle operators to discover how they would modify their operations if faced with particular control measures. The computer model identifies the vehicle journeys that would be affected by a control and then replaces them by others which would be unaffected. The choice of the replacement journeys is made using one of three alternative 'option selection methods', two based on the results of the operator attitude survey and the third variable at the discretion of the user. from the changes in vehicle journeys, changes in traffic flows and journey costs are calculated.

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