the following papers were presented at this symposium: the need for a realistic costing method, smith,lh; a method of bus operations costing developed by nbc, taylor,hw; the rtm method of bus operations costing developed for the bradford bus study, parker,gb and blackledge,da; a method of bus route costing developed by arthur anderson and company, mcclenahan,jw and kaye,dr; some recent developments in route costing techniques used in london transport, wagon,dj and baggaley,da; bus costing methods: a critique, beesley,m; application of costing methods, egerton,mb and rigby,d; deficiencies in present methods and the need for further work, bly,ph; and summing up of the proceedings, webster,fv. discussions of some of the papers are provided. for abstract of paper by bly,ph see irrd no. 218057

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