this report describes measurements of the noise from earthmoving plant at road construction sites. the experimental study was based on measurements made at ten construction sites and results are presented for several different types of earthmoving plant operating under a variety of conditions. drive-by noise levels from typical plant were found to vary between 76 and 98 db(a), at 10 m from the vehicle path. leq values at 10 m from the centre of the haul road ranged from 77 db(a) for a flow of 16 machines per hour to 86 db(a) for 100 machines per hour. an empirical relation for predicting leq at the side of the haul road is derived and compared with measured values. the important parameters which contribute to overall noise levels on site are identified and discussed. efficient silencing is shown to have a significant value in reducing overall noise levels and frequency spectra are presented to illustrate this effect. (a)

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