a study of freight traffic has been conducted in the town of swindon and a computer model built to predict the changes in goods vehicle movements resulting from the imposition of various possible alternative controls. this report describes computer models which assess the consequential changes in environment and traffic congestion and which complete the swindon freight model. results of assessments made with these models will be reported later. environmental measures considered include changes in goods vehicle travel along different types of street and changes in the exposure of pedestrians and households to (a) traffic noise and (b) traffic nuisance. the measure of noise used is the hourly l10 level in db(a). for traffic nuisance, a measure is developed based on the limited information available at present on the nuisance caused by goods vehicles of different sizes in different situations. changes in congestion costs are calculated, for all road users in the town, using speed/flow relationships. the environmental and traffic congestion models are designed specifically for swindon but could be adapted for other towns.(a)

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