the report describes a study of the environmental effects of traffic in the town of ludlow, salop, and examines four alternative ways to improve conditions. this is one of a number of studies which have been carried out in an attempt to quantify the effects of traffic on communities through which it passes. the effects were assessed by a combination of physical and opinion measurements. traffic, noise and public opinion surveys were carried out. results showed considerable environmental disturbance from traffic in ludlow. traffic flows and the proportion of heavy goods vehicles were high causing high noise levels. seventy three per cent of respondents in the survey claimed to be bothered by traffic and the various indices of disturbance, now used in a number of studies were at a high level. the report then examines various ways of dealing with the environmental effects of traffic for the town. four options are considered. these are: (a) by-pass construction around ludlow; (b) local lorry routeing; (c) national lorry routeing; (d) quietening heavy vehicles. the study indicated the superiority of the by-pass in producing a durable improvement in noise conditions for residents and pedestrians exposed to traffic effects on the through town route.(a)

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