the growth of both uk and world energy usage over the decade 1960-1970 has been proportionate to the growth of the appropriate index of gross domestic product. on the assumption that this type of relationship is maintained tentative predictions of the demand for energy in the year 2000 are made. on various assumptions about relative growth in gdp it is concluded that the uk contribution to world demand will be small. the impact on the world demand for individual fuels is assessed on the basis of alternative assumptions about the degree of utilisation of electricity and alternative methods of generation. these estimates are compared with estimates of the supply of individual fuels. in all cases the estimates of potential reserves of individual fuels are sufficient to meet the predicted demands. additionally it is argued that a long term ceiling to the rise in oil prices will be determined by the cost of manufacturing oil from other hydrocarbon fuels. the work for the preliminary report was carried out in the summer of 1972. it is published now so that it is available as a record of work done. it is, of course, concerned with long-term trends in energy resources.(a)

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