following considerable efforts in recent years by the department of transport to encourage an improvement in the standards of signing at roadworks, a survey of over 650 roadworks on trunk and principal roads in the five-year period 1972-77 has shown that although the total numbers of signs used at each work have remained the same, there is some evidence that signs are used more selectively to give more information to motorists. nevertheless, about 20 per cent of the main approaches to work sites remain with no useful advance signs - and the incidence of unsigned works is not confined only to minor works or those on low speed roads, although these account for the majority of the cases examined. for small statutory undertakers' works in particular, almost 40 per cent of the main approaches remain unsigned. the distances between works and their advance signs have not changed between 1972 and 1977; on average the department's recommendations (chapter 8 of the traffic signs manual) are exceeded in this respect.(a)

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