this report examines the travel patterns of the elderly, and the problems which they experience in travelling in relation to those of the population as a whole. data from a trrl survey among old people in guildford, and the 1975/76 national travel survey are used to show that even though the travel patterns and requirements within the elderly population vary considerably from person to person, they are similar in many respects to those of other people without cars. problems occur mainly among a small group who experience serious constraints on their ability to travel while at the same time having an urgent need for mobility. it is suggested that the possibility of concentrating a greater proportion of the available resources on this group might be considered. solutions could take the form of a special transport or home-based support service. the remainder of the elderly population, and younger people with a similar choice of transport modes, would benefit from improvements to conventional public transport and the walking environment, as well as from more conveniently located facilities.(a)

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