The two objectives of the symposium were: (1) to inform delegates of the TRRL research on bridge temperatures which forms the basis of the temperature clauses in both a new british standards institution document on bridge loading (bs 5400, part 2) and a department of transport technical memorandum (bridges) no be 1/77 (to be revised). (2) to provide an opportunity for discussion on the problems associated with the allowances which have to be made, in design, for the thermal stresses created by temperature differences within the deck of a bridge. The papers given at the symposium were as follows:- Introductory note (Price, WIJ); Extreme values of bridge temperatures (Emerson, M); Bridge temperatures derived from measurement of movement (Black, W); The calculation of bridge temperatures (Jones, MR); Temperature differences in bridges (Emerson, M); A comparison between alternative methods of representing temperature differences (Waine, ND); Temperature difference effects in concrete bridges (Blythe, DWR and Lunniss, RC); The creep-temperature mechanism in concrete bridges (Richmond, B). A brief account is given of the discussion on each paper.

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