lorry controls of a novel type were introduced in the windsor area of berkshire in june 1978 and trrl in co-operation with berkshire county council carried out a number of traffic surveys in order to monitor the effects of the control. the report gives the results of the surveys and analyses the economic and environmental effects of the controls. the benefits and disbenefits of the controls extend outside the windsor area, and surveys were carried out over a large area. at the time of the surveys the compliance rate was 77 per cent. this resulted in a total of 1400 dwellings experiencing an average reduction of 410 passing heavy lorries per day but about 1200 dwellings experiencing an average increase of about 360. the vehicles affected by the controls had to travel extra distance: the average distance, time and cost increases for a one-way trip were 3 1/2 miles, 5 1/2 minutes and 1 respectively, equivalent to a total annual increase in costs of 410000.(a)

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