the extent to which knowledge of the requirement and procedures for the official l-driver test was prevalent was examined. three groups of people were given 26 question multi-choice tests. for 15 year-olds who had not been given a relevant text to read, the average level of correct response was 46 per cent; for 15 year-olds who had read the official booklet 'your driving test and how to pass' the average correct response was 67 per cent and among army driving school pupils who were given this booklet to read, 84 per cent gave correct answers. by chance, 33 per cent would have selected correct answers. a group of driving school pupils who were to take their driving tests shortly had a similar result to that for the army pupils. on the whole it would appear that pupils who are soon to take a test are well informed about what it will entail. nevertheless there are some features about which pupils need to be better informed and driving instructors could help with this.

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