tables are produced showing classes of road users involved in injury accidents in 1977 (with the emphasis on fatal and serious accidents) and the vehicles with which they were involved. accident numbers are broken down into one vehicle and pedestrian, one vehicle only, two vehicles, and three or four vehicle accidents, and are tabulated to show the numbers of accidents involving various combinations of vehicle type. the relative risk of injury to the drivers or riders of the different vehicles in a two-vehicle accident is also indicated. pedestrians are shown separately in the tables. some discussion of these tables is included and a comparison with similar figures for 1971 is given. the tables given indicate the accident configurations which contribute the major proportions of casualties occurring in great britain, and show that the main contributors are pedestrians in conflict with cars, and two-wheelers and cars involved in either single-vehicle accidents or with each other. the importance of relative vehicle mass in determining injury risk is illustrated in some tables. the tables are also intended to provide researchers with more detail than is available elsewhere about the involvement in accidents of various classes of road user.(a)

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