a study was carried out in oxford of the observance of a ban prohibiting heavy goods vehicles (over 3 tons unladen weight) from entering the city unless they require access. oxford has a ring road which provides a good alternative route for vehicles not requiring access. a sample of hgv's entering the city's road system was kept under continual observation, and those which did not stop for any purpose were classed as contravening the prohibition: time was lost by all such vehicles. between 06.00hrs and 21.00hrs the proportion of hgv's arriving at the ring road without requiring access which contravened the ban was about 0.2 per cent, and these vehicles represented about 2 per cent of all hgv's entering the restricted area. these proportions are between one fifth and one tenth of the equivalent values found previously at newbury, which is a smaller town with an identical prohibition. the destinations of vehicles requiring access in oxford were also studied. only 14 per cent of such vehicles crossed the city centre, the remainder entered the city close to their destinations. (a)

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