Concern about the problems facing elderly drivers in certain kinds of accident situation at junctions has prompted an investigation into ages of drivers involved in accidents with special reference to junctions. To put the problem in perspective a general analysis relating age and accident rate, based on the National Accident Statistics and the latest National Travel Surveys, has been carried out. This was followed by more detailed analysis of particular situations: urban and rural roads at and away from junctions, different kinds of manoeuvre at junctions, disobeying junction control, and others. Overall, the accident rate per km driven for elderly drivers (65+ years) is just below average, while the peak rate (for the 17-19 year age group) is more than three times average. It is confirmed that elderly drivers have a higher than average risk of accident involvement for right turning movements at junctions, and at rural junctions generally. For some other kinds of accident, such as certain types of single-vehicle accident, elderly drivers have a lower than average risk of involvement. The youngest drivers have a higher than average risk of involvement in all kinds of accidents studied. (A)

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