Minibus pooling involves a group of workers getting together to use a minibus to get to and from a common place of work, sharing its running costs (including depreciation and insurance) between them. This report considers the possibilities for this form of travel in Great Britain (GB). The study is based on a review of the United States experience and the consideration of legal and economic aspects of operation in the GB context. It is concluded that minibus pooling could be an attractive form of transport for commuters making long journeys (probably 15 miles or more). However it is unlikely to achieve the levels of impact attained in the US because of the smaller percentage of commuting journeys of this length and the greater availability of conventional public transport. Existing licensing arrangements are also less favourable in GB. Nevertheless its use could be appropriate for some groups of long-distance commuters or for employers with specific problems(eg shortage of local labour,difficulties of staff retention following relocation, or lack of parking space). (A)

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