an assessment has been made of the effect on accidents of the change in regulations governing the lighting of parked vehicles at night, which since april 1972 have allowed some classes of vehicle to park without lights on roads with speed limits of 30 mile/h or less. outisde the metropolitan police district the change in regulations was followed by an increase of about 30 per cent in two-vehicle injury accidents involving parked vehicles in the hours of darkness, whereas other types of accident showed substantially no change during the same hours. in the london area, where parking without lights was already widely permitted, but some further relaxation had been added, two-vehicle injury accidents in the dark involving parked vehicles showed a small but non-significant increase of 8 per cent. the main conclusion was that the change in regulations was followed by an increase in parked vehicle involvements for cars, light goods vehicles, and two wheeled vehicles amounting to 36 per cent. this represents 1100 extra parked vehicle involvements in injury accidents in the first year. (a)

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