The Glasgow Rail Impact Study examined the effects of the new British Rail Argyle Line and the modernised Underground on travel, activities and land use in Glasgow. This Report is a summary of the Final Report on the Study. During the first year after the Argyle Line opened, there were 27 per cent more journeys on the BR lines affected. The largest increases were off-peak and on Saturday, from the inner suburbs, and for shopping and leisure. On the Underground, there were 18 per cent more journeys than there would have been without modernisation, and the Underground was especially used as a local distributor for longer journeys. Both systems attracted many new passengers to public transport. The impact on the physical and social fabric of the city was slight, although there were signs of increases in planning applications, house prices and pedestrian movements in the areas served by the new lines. In the first year neither system covered its increased operating costs, nor were there quantifiable social benefits sufficient to make up the difference. The Study shows, however, that where there is a need, rail investment is worthwhile, though thorough and detailed prior evaluation is necessary for the benefits to be maximised. (A)

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